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Optimize Sales &

Increase Team Focus

to Consistently Exceed Quarterly Goals


Accelergy Consulting is a sales optimization and accountability firm that works with financial institutions across the United States to consistently exceed quarterly goals. 


Can you identify with one of the items below? 

No Documented, Repeatable or Scalable Sales Processes

"Hire & Hope" strategy vs. having a plan to ensure success

Underperforming / Massive Skill Gaps Across Team Members

Best practices from top performers are not shared combined with lack of regular accountability 

Lacking the Right Activity Metrics & Scorecards

Inadequate systems cause challenges for Managers to successfully lead / coach their teams

Resources & Tools not Properly / Fully Being Utilized 

Often millions are spent each year on systems that aren't driving incremental results 

Trapped in the "Whirlwind" & Can't Drive Meaningful Change

Tens-of-millions of dollars in opportunities are missed each quarter by lack of action

Just one of these can have a significant impact on your line of business, but most of the time we see a combination of issues that result in an exponential impact on quarterly production.


Julie Kleffel

Chief Banking Officer

Seacoast Bank

“I have been in the banking industry for over 20 years, and I thought I knew everything about sales process.  But as I began to see what Accelergy diagnosed – and how they diagnosed it – I knew the Small Business  team had plenty of room for improvements.

Accelergy’s affiliation with Seacoast runs much deeper than the typical consultant-consultee relationship. It has been a true partnership, in which they are invested in the success of the Line of Business and individual team members."



Unlike "big-box" consulting firms that have a cookie cutter system, Accelergy takes a hands-on "block & tackle" approach when working with a line of business:

Phase 1


Accelergy works directly with leadership and front-line team members to develop sales processes that are customized to your organization’s individual needs and culture.

Phase 2


Accelergy takes a hands-on approach with a pilot team to implement the initial processes and establish accountability metrics.  As adoption occurs, the processes are then rolled out to the broader line of business.

Phase 3

Accountability & Sustainability

Accelergy transitions to an accountability and strategic partner to ensure adoption is sustained and spearheads any changes to the processes as the needs of the organization evolve. 

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“What sets Accelergy apart from other consulting firms is they go beyond the normal scope of work to obtain buy-in at every level of the division.  More importantly, get to know every single banker on a personal level.  Instead of just telling them about an issue I was having with a team or person, they jumped in to provide real-time support and coaching that had an immediate impact.”

John Schnell

Commercial Banking Director

Seacoast Bank



Identify the "Beachhead" to Attack First

  • If we try to address everything at once, we will achieve nothing…start small and then expand

  • Accelergy always wants to drive lift in the shortest amount of time

“Top Down, Bottom Up” Approach to Building Your Customized Processes

  • Accelergy doesn’t have a cookie-cutter system that is pushed down into the institution

  • Work with leadership and front-line team members to build a process that fits your organization & culture

“Don’t Ask for Marriage on the First Date”

  • We want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know us

  • Short engagements to start help to build trust while driving results 

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Bill McNeill, J.D.jpg

William McNeil, J.D.

Founder & CEO

Bill brings his successes to every organization he works with at Accelergy Consulting by implementing a "block & tackle"  approach to energizing sales and creating a positive sales culture. 


Adam Pickett, MBA

Founder & President

Adam's diverse background in multiple industries of all sizes has given him a broad range of experiences to draw upon when working with businesses.